Sunmilk Dulgon 250ml LSF 50

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dulgon sun lotion SPF 50 – waterproof protects immediately reliably against sunburn. The Dulgon sun lotion SPF 50 offers immediate and reliable protection against sunburn with its balanced ratio of UVA and UVB filters. A special care formula provides the skin with sufficient moisture during sunbathing and protects it from premature, light-induced skin ageing. Skin compatibility dermatologically tested. Instructions for use: apply sunscreen generously before staying in the sun. Low application quantities reduce protection performance. Apply sunscreen multiple times to maintain protection, especially after being in water, after drying or sweating. Avoid intense midday sun. Protect babies and toddlers from direct sunlight, use protective clothing as well as sunscreen with high sun protection factor (SPF higher than 25). Even sunscreens with high sun protection factor do not provide complete protection against UV rays. Do not stay in the sun for too long despite using a sunscreen. Any sunburn damages the skin sustainably and must be avoided. Excessive sunbathing poses a serious health risk. Avoid contact with clothing. Staining possible. Avoid contact with eyes. Contents: 250 ml


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