Dulgon Sun Spray SPF 50 High 200ml

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Size 200 Ml
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Instructions for use: Apply sunscreen generously before going out in the sun. Small application quantities reduce the protective performance considerably. Reapply sunscreen to maintain protection. This is especially true when sweating or after swimming and drying off. Avoid intense midday sun. Protect babies and small children from direct sunlight and use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor (SPF greater than 25) and protective clothing. Even sunscreen with a high sun protection factor does not offer complete protection against UV rays. Despite using sunscreen, do not stay in the sun for too long. Any sunburn causes lasting damage to the skin and should be avoided. Excessive sunbathing poses a serious health risk. Allow sunscreen to absorb completely. Avoid contact with textiles and surfaces – permanent stains possible. Avoid eye contact.


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