Kaily Beauty Studio Wireless Facial Massaging Brush And Cleansing Lotion Set

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Facial Massaging Brush & Cleansing Lotion for All Skin Types

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Wireless Facial Massaging Brush and Cleansing Lotion Set for All Skin Types

Brand:Kaily Beauty Studio

Content:Wireless facial electric massaging brush, cleaning lotion, USB cable, instruction sheet

Wireless rechargeable facial massaging brush and cleansing lotion set for all skin types

The brush has two clickable arrows next to the power button to increase and decrease the speed of the brush’s vibrations

A suitable choice for clean, smoother and more vibrant skin

How to use:

The brush must be charged before use for a maximum of 2 hours

The brush must be cleaned before use for the first time with a damp cloth

Make-up is removed from the face, then a small amount of cleansing lotion is applied to wet skin

Then the massaging brush is used to massage the skin for 15 seconds for each area of ​​the face, and after that wash the face with warm water and dry it

For external personal use only


Be carful when using on the neck area because the skin is thin and sensitive in this area

Avoid use on the eye area, inflamed and damaged parts of the skin, and on pimples

Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs


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